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xHamster Profiles: JollaPR

Mark Stones and Jolla started producing their own content just a few years ago as JollaPR, and their fame quickly skyrocketed. The real-life couple not only produces incredibly real, incredibly hot scenes, they produce incredibly well-shot scenes.

xHamster Profiles: JollaPR
After participating in our special production webinar for the xHamster Content Creators Program, we asked them if they’d tell us a little bit more.

In this exclusive video, Jolla and Mark tell us about their career as adult stars, how it’s changed their life and — most importantly — advice they give to others who want to follow in their footsteps.

Check it out!

発行者 xHamster
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Interesting stuff, thanks
受信者 xHamster: That’s interesting.  So, y’all’s search feature apparently doesn’t work for profile names with an underscore in the name, I just tried again knowing what they’re name was and they still don’t show up in a search using only Jolla
I could have sworn a couple days ago I saw a profile (Jolla PR) for them in the featured profile area while I was searching, I clicked away too fast and now I can’t find it.  Do they actually have a profile here?